Procedures for Approval of Layout
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Government Orders  Related to TUDA Master Plan

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    Procedure for Issue of Commencement Certificate

    Commencement certificate for construction of Building / Development within LPA is issued under the provisions of K T C P Act 1961. (Outside the ULB limits)

    Every development or every change in and use covered by the Master Plan shall conform to the provisions of K T C P Act 1961.

    No development in land use or development shall be made except with the written permission of the authority.

    Here development means the carrying out of building or other operation in or over or under any land or the making of any material change in the use of any building or other land


    I. The Following Procedure is Adopted While Issuing ‘COMMENCEMENT CERTIFICATE’ (Outside the ULB limits)

    1. The Authority will receive application accompanied by a plan drawn to scale (Plan, Section, Elevation to 1:100 and Site plan to 1:200 Scale) showing the actual dimension of the plot of land in respect of which permission is asked, schedules of the plot, the size of the building to be erected and the position of the building upon the plot along with the following documents

    • Title Deed of the Plot
    • Up to date Tax Paid Receipt
    • Khata Endorsement / Extract
    • Affidavit on Rs 20 Stamp paper in prescribed format duly sworn before the Notary
    • Layout Plan / Location Plan
    • Approved Plan Copy of Existing Building
    • Stability Certificate And
    • Other relevant documents specifically mentioned

    2. On Receipt of the Application for ‘CC’, the Authority will issue a written acknowledgement of its receipt.

    3. The Application & documents submitted by the applicant are verified for the Land use of the Plot to the Master Plan width of road abutting the plot either by site inspection or based on the documents submitted. The building plan is verified and compared with the zonal regulations / Building bye-laws.

    4. After such inquiry as may be necessary authority may either grant or refuse a commencement certificate within 3 months from the date of receipt of application.

    5. No compensation is payable for the refusal of or the insertion or imposition of conditions in the commencement certificate.

    6. If the submitted Building plans are in accordance with the plot records and zonal regulations Applicant will be served a ‘Demand Notice’ to remit the prescribed Fees within 90 days.

    7. Once the applicant remits the prescribed fee, Authority will issue ‘Commencement Certificate’ to the applicant along with the Building plans duly approved.

    8. If any person does any work on, or makes any use of, any property in contravention of the Approved Plan / CC or without Approved plan / CC, the Authority will direct such person by notice in writing to stop any such work in progress or discontinue any such use, after making an inquiry, remove or pull down any such work and restore the land to its original condition.

    9. All expenses incurred by the Authority to remove the work which is carried out in contravention of the Approved plan or without the Approved plan shall be a same due to the Authority from the person in default or from the owner of the land.

    II. The following procedure is adopted while giving technical opinion by Town Planning Member to Urban Local Body before issuing License for erection or alteration of any building / structure (as per Government Notification No. UDD 7 BEMRUPRA 2004 dated 20-01-2004 and 15-06-2004).

    1. The ULB will receive application for the erection or alteration of any building / structure with necessary documents (Mentioned in I)

    2. The ULB will send the file along with the documents received by the applicant, to the Town Planning Member for his opinion.

    3. The proposed building plan / layout plan received and verified and compared with the Master Plan, Zonal Regulations / Building bye-laws.

    4. After such inquiry as may be necessary, Town Planning Member may either recommend for issue of Licence or to refuse the request of the applicant with suitable reasons.

    5. If the submitted building plans are in accordance with the record and Zonal regulations, Town Planning Member will give his technical opinion with amount to be collected, i.e. fee under Section 18.

    6. After receiving the file from Town Planning Member and as per the opinion of the Town Planning Member, the ULB will process it to issue licence as per Corporation / Municipality regulations.


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