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Government Orders  Related to TUDA Master Plan

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CA Sites Allotment Terms and Conditions 2017

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CA Sites Auction Notification 2017

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List of CA Sites Available - Sept 2017

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    TUDA makes allotment of sites as per Karnataka Urban Development Authority (Allotment of sites) Rule 1991 forms a new layout and intends allotment of sites to the general public, notification will be made public inviting applications in the prescribed format along with Initial Deposits. Applicants to be eligible to apply for a TUDA site shall fulfill certain criteria.

    Terms and Conditions to be followed while application:

    1. To be eligible for allotment of site, you should have domicile in Karnataka for not less than 5 years prior to the date of registration. Only persons who have attained the age of 18 years are eligible to apply.

    2. However for defense personal central Govt.employes, State Govt. employees this conditions will not apply & irrespective of Sportsmen & Famous Artists this conditions may be relieved.

    3. First register yourself by the payment of the registration fee and obtain the Registration Card or challan If you have already registered, you need not register again.

    4. Obtain the prescribed blank application form on payment of the requisite fee by producing the Registration Card or Challan, at the notified bank(Application fee Rs. 100/-, In case of SC/BT/ST/EWS, application fee is Rs. 50/- only) TUDA offices will not issue blank application forms.

    5. A crossed Demand Draft/Bankers Cheque/ Pay Order for the requisite initial deposit payable by you depending on the dimension of the site you are interested in should be made in favor of the Commissioner Tumkur Urban Development Authority, Tumkur.

    6. Completed application form along with the initial deposit should be handed over to the Branch of the Bank or Office from where you have obtained the application form. The Bank will give an acknowledgement in the form of challan. Please retain this with you.


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